Guinness doing his best to guard me from my neighbors while they’re inconsiderate enough to go in to their own apartment in the middle of the day.  Thanks, puppy.

People’s reactions to Guinness are just very strange. Now he’s grown a bit out of the obvious puppy stage, no one pegs him as cute, but instead just as a very striking dog.  (Which I happen to agree with, although his more uncoordinated moments are hilariously cute.  At puppy agility, he had an epic moment of derp where one front paw went one way, hind paw the other way, tail straight up, and tongue thought it was a helicopter when he tried to get the attention of someone over the fence.  I’m just sad no one got a photo.)

I’ve had at least one person flat out deny Cardigans exist, and insist I’ve been somehow duped by an unscrupulous backyard breeder (which…no, I don’t think so.  I like Guinness’ breeder!  He’s a very conscientious guy!)  Because clearly he’s a corgi mixed with an australian shepherd or any other kind of blue merle carrying dog.
Another informed me that corgis were always standoffish and bad with people/other dogs, so something was obviously wrong with him.  (Uh.  Socialization is a beautiful thing?)

The people who are obviously fascinated by the breed are the best, especially the ones who’ll let me get through my entire cardigan patter!  (Pointing out the ears, the tail, that cardigans tend to be slightly larger and slightly heavier, that yes, they’re a pretty rare breed.)  The ones who’ll tolerate my explanations of blue merle genes probably deserve a medal.